Welcome to Career Exploration

  • In 6th grade we focus on career exploration through using SCOIS (South Carolina Occupational Information System) in classroom lessons, hosting a Career Day with Lexington One Technology Center, and participating in Virtual Job Shadowing.  Through these activities, students will be able to identify new and emerging occupations, sources of career information and careers based on their interest and skills.

    In 7th grade students will explore the different career clusters and job opportunities through Virtual Job Shadowing and using SCOIS in classroom lessons.  Through the “Reality Check” classroom lesson, students will be able to relate the cost of living with different job salaries.

    8th grade students will travel to the Lexington Technology Center, explore career clusters through Explore assessment and learn about different jobs through Virtual Job Shadowing.  Every 8th grade student will participate in an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) conference.