Leadership Continuum

  • Leadership matters.

    By investing in our educational leaders, Lexington County School District One is investing in students. Strong leaders form the foundation of schools and ultimately impact the success of students, teachers and the community.

    Through the Lexington District One leadership continuum and leadership standards, current and future leaders will understand the skills and behaviors they must demonstrate for Lexington District One students to be empowered to design the future.

    Lexington District One is taking a proactive approach to invest strategically in human capital, positioning us to recruit, select, develop, retain and promote future-oriented instructional leaders.

  • leadership continuum graphic

Intended Outcomes of the Leadership Continuum

    • Increase student achievement, outcomes, and opportunities by developing instructional leaders at all levels
    • Equitable learning outcomes for all
    • Retention of high-performing employees
    • Transparency of development and hiring processes at all leadership levels
    • Staff ownership, engagement and commitment to the leadership development process