Welcome to Centers for Advanced Study

  • It is the goal of Lexington County School District One to prepare a new generation of leaders and global citizens. Our desire is to develop self-directed and reflective students who accept ownership and responsibility for their learning. We want our students to develop self-confidence in their academic abilities and competence in using 21st century knowledge and skills to achieve sophisticated learning.

    Most of all, we want to ensure that Lexington One graduates maintain their competitive edge. This means that our graduates must possess the necessary skills to compete, contribute, and succeed both locally and globally. They must be well-equipped to meet the anticipated needs of jobs, challenges and technologies that currently do not even exist.

    Advanced Study Programs Opened to Achieve Academic Goals

    To support this vision for our graduates, six Centers for Advanced Study located throughout the district provide students with focused knowledge and skills at the advanced level. Students from all the district’s high schools are eligible to apply to and participate in these centers:

    • The Center for Advanced Agribusiness Research located at Pelion High 
    • The Center for Advanced STEM Studies at Lexington Technology Center
    • The Center for Law and Global Policy Development at River Bluff High 
    • The Center for Media Arts, Design and Production at River Bluff High
    • The Center for Public Health and Advanced Medical Studies at White Knoll High
    • The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Lexington High

    Students at each Center explore advanced coursework for two to three years (depending on the Center) for a half day all year long.

    Center students have many opportunities for self-directed learning. They have opportunities to develop their research skills, pursue a deeper understanding of a subject area of their own interest, and interact with experts in their particular field of study.

    Each Center focuses on preparation for post-secondary study and careers through specialized research projects, dual credit courses, Advanced Placement courses and externships (work-based experiences that are short in duration). Such cutting edge opportunities enhance student motivation to become academically confident and competent.