Student and Teacher walking down hall together
student showing winning artwork
students learning in outdoor classroom
students reading with therapy dog
  • If we believe…


    All children can learn.

    • We encourage children.
    • We see children learning in different ways.

    Setting high expectations enables every child to reach his/her maximum potential.

    • We clearly communicate high standards.
    • We continually assess each child’s strengths and weaknesses to guide instruction.

    Learners should be actively involved in rigorous and relevant educational experiences.

    • We see children highly engaged throughout the day.
    • We see self-directed learners in a collaborative environment making connections across an integrated curriculum.

    All learners should be respected, valued and provided with leadership opportunities.

    • We praise students.
    • We celebrate each student.
    • We attend to the physical, social, emotional and intellectual well-being of every student.

    Children learn best in a safe, positive and nurturing environment.

    • We see caring and supportive staff members throughout the school.
    • We treat children with dignity and respect.
    • We see happy children who are excited about learning.

    All members of the staff accept responsibility for the learning of all students in the school.

    • We see all staff members interacting with students in a positive manner.

    Teachers, students and community members collaborate to improve instruction for all students.

    • We see teachers sharing effective strategies, mentoring, coaching, studying together, planning together and solving problems together.