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    School Counseling Program


    The Mission of the School Counseling Program at DES is to care, listen, support, and provide every student with a comprehensive School Counseling Program that meets their academic, emotional/social, and career needs.  By working with parents, teachers, and administrators our goal is to advocate for and support students so they may develop the skills they need to become 21st Century leaders, lifelong learners and productive members of their global community. 


    The Vision of the DES Counseling program is to remove barriers and collaboratively nurture, support, and prepare students so they will become lifelong leaders and learners in the 21st century. 

    Our Services 

    Classroom Leadership Lessons

    Small Groups

    Individual Counseling Sessions 


    Mrs. Lacy Hinson M.Ed

    1st Immersion, 2nd Grade Non-Immersion, 3rd Grade Non- Immersion & 5th Grade





    Mrs. Shenika Waring M.Ed

    1st Grade Non-Immersion, 2nd Grade Immersion, 3rd Grade Immersion and 4th Grade





    Mrs. Cindy Hill 

    4K & 5K 




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