• SIC 

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  • 2023-2024 Council

    Teachers (Elected)

    Jennie King (1st Grade Teacher)

    Stephanie Hood (Resource Teacher)

    Parents (Elected)

    Melissa Newkirk (Elected, Serving Year 2 of 2)

    Dr. Lisa Cookingham (Elected, Serving Year 1 of 2) *Newly Elected

    Anna Fleming (Elected, Serving Year 1 of 2) *Newly Elected


    Community Members (Appointed)

    Dr. Ryan Carlson (University of South Carolina & Lexington Resident)

    Doreena Lee (Director of Park North)

    Chandler Croker (!0:10 Bridge Afterschool Program Director)


    Ex-Officio Members

    Robert Candillo (Principal)

    Jessica Allen (Teacher of the Year 2023-2024)

    Kristina Goff (PTA President)

    Officer Jen Klinsic (Lexington Police Department, School Resource Officer @ NPE)

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