Health Room Telephone Number: 803-821-0323 or 803-832-0324

  • Medication Policy:
    Per district policy, when possible, medications should be given by parents/guardians at home before or after school hours. When medications need to be given at school, please follow the following procedure.
    All medications need to be brought to the health room by a parent/guardian along with the district permission form. All forms must be signed by a parent, and prescriptions must also be signed by the prescribing physician. Please understand that we cannot accept prescription medications without the accompanying completed permission form. Medications must be in their original container and need to be current (not expired). Prescriptions need to have the prescription label attached. Over the Counter (OTC) medications need to have appropriate age/weight information on the label. Please call the health room with any questions. 
    Immunization Policy
    In order for a child to be admitted to a public school, they must provide a valid immunization record showing that they have had all required vaccines. Please see the district health page under Vaccinations and Immunizations for more information, and please call the health room with any questions or concerns. 


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