• Introduction

    Coach John Leneschmidt “Mr. L”

    The robotics season at Pelion Middle School begins in August and ends in March.  Participants must maintain good grades, do well in school and at home to qualify and remain eligible.   They also must be totally committed by making every practice reasonably and do research on their own to meet team goals and deadlines.  There is a small seasonal registration fee and tournament fees.  Information will be sent home with students.

    Robotics Team Overview

    Students are challenged in many ways.  First, members are taught programming skills and released to design and build robots to solve a variety of engaging challenges.  Second, they identify a problem of choice in accordance with the year’s theme through research, create solutions and share their product outcomes with others.  Members are able to learn from guest speakers and professionals in fun ways during the season.  Third, students are groomed to develop the FLL core values that employers seek through team problem challenges and team presentations.  Fourth, members are assessed for programming and technical robot design innovation.  Finally, we plan and host other events including an annual fundraiser (dance) and our battle of the bots where robots students design fight it out to the end.

    In the past, our robotics teams developed a working model of a constant speed wave turbine generator, robotic trash separator for small sustainable neighborhoods, a robotics pH tester for use in hydroponics in collaboration with the Agribusiness Department at Pelion High School, a robotic assistant with an on-board software package both operating by speech recognition for use of the elderly with limited dexterity and an iPopit book for students with Down Syndrome.   Awards include:

    • 2007-2008  First place in technical robot design (Regionals),
    • 2010-2011  First place for research projects (Regionals)
    • 2012-2013  Second place for research projects (Regionals)
    • 2014-2015  First place for research projects (Regionals); First place core values (State)

    Students learn to solve problems together as a team, have fun building robots to solve various missions, and eat!  It is a good positive program for the committed.  Contact Mr. L for more information at 821-2366!


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