Red Bank Elementary School

Lead, Learn, Love…Pass it on!


  •  At Red Bank Elementary School, students find out what it takes to become a successful leader and a successful learner. The teachers and staff at Red Bank Elementary School are committed to the idea that learning is for everyone, and all will work together to help everyone reach their goals and find success.


    We encourage each other.

    We learn every day.

    We never give up.

    We strong leaders.

    We are Red Bank!

    Lead. Learn. Love...Pass it on!


Weekly Message From Mrs. Ricard

  • This week's announcements

    It was a great week last week having all of our face to face students back in our building together. I think our students in grades 3 through 5 were very ready to be back together!  

    Our Cookie Dough Fundraiser continues this week through Wednesday, October 28.  Please return your child’s order packet with payment on Wednesday. Our PTO thanks you for your support with this!

    We also wanted to share that Shotokan Karate Center is offering a “Parents’ Night Out” on November 13 from 6 until 10 p.m. This night is for RBE students ONLY, so no other students/children will be there.  There is limited space, so if you have a child, ages 5-10, sign them up.  Enjoy a date, shopping, or just a night alone with Netflix!  The cost is $15 per child with a portion of the proceeds donated back to our school and PTO.  Call the number on the flyer to register your child.  pno rb good.png 

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not allowed to have families send in Halloween candy, treats, cookies, etc. We have sought guidance from our Student Services department and were asked to share that we cannot allow this at this time. Classroom teachers have been given permission to purchase individually wrapped candy that they can “treat” their “family model” classroom students with as an alternative. We know how generous our families are, but ask that you refrain from sending in items at this time and thank you for understanding.

    Please be reminded that if your child is picked up on the bus loop carline side, he/she will be sent to the front for pick up at 2:20 due to staffing.

    Thank you for all you do to support RBE each and every day! Remember, Lead. Learn. Love…..Pass it On!


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