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    It's hard to believe this will be our ninth week in school, but thanks to careful planning and your support we are moving in the right direction.  Our first School Improvement Council (SIC) meeting will be held tomorrow evening (Monday, October 26) at 6:00 p.m. via Zoom.  SIC meetings are open to the public and they are a great way to be more involved in the decision-making process at GES.  I will share the Zoom link to the SIC meeting on Monday afternoon.  We hope to see some of you there!
    As the weather begins to get colder, we know our students will begin to wear coats, hats, scarves, and gloves to school.  Those items tend to get lost easily, so please take a few moments to label your child's belongings so we can get them back to you when they're found!  Also, you can help us speed up our morning drop-off process by having your child packed, bundled up, and ready to go when you arrive to GES in the mornings.  Also, please allow your child to exit your vehicle on the passenger side so he or she can step directly from the vehicle to the sidewalk.  Remember to pull forward as far as possible to the adult standing at the very end of the sidewalk, even if you see your favorite teacher standing nearby.
    If you'd like to order a take-home breakfast and lunch meal, click the link in the email that accompanies this phone message.  Students will bring their meals home on Thursday afternoon.  If you'd like your child to add a fruit, veggie, and milk to his or her lunchbox, just remind your child to ask for the "Pick 3" option or email your child's teacher.  We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you soon.  Have a good evening and remember - behind every mask is a Gilbert Elementary smile!

    Click here to order take-home meals


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    Gilbert Elementary School is dedicated to producing literate and responsible students by clearly communicating high standards and assessing each child's strengths.

    GES teachers and staff believe that children flourish when they are encouraged and celebrated in all aspects of their lives.

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