• Pelion Middle is proud to partner with the National Paideia Center to provide our teachers and students with opportunities and strategies to access complex texts and participate in conversations around those texts. In 2022, Pelion Middle School became a Paideia Seminar Certified School. 

    Badge showing Paideia Seminar National Certification

    Each school year, our students participate in community seminars that will take place during their Advocacy class, as well as participate in more academic-oriented Paideia seminars in all of their courses.

    By participating in these Paideia seminars and utilizing supporting activities and strategies, our goal is to help our students feel a sense of belonging AND to help our students better access complex texts and become more comfortable with academic conversations. 

    Each collaborative planning week this school year, students took part in a week-long study of a text during Advocacy. Students have talked about concepts such as belonging, place, community, family, and more, through a variety of texts, including maps, picture books, poetry, artwork and more.


    What is Paideia? 

    Paideia is active learning—fostering critical and creative thinking through Paideia Socratic seminar, intellectual coaching, and authentic action.

    Paideia is high quality education for all—preparing children of all backgrounds, in all kinds of schools, to live up to their full and resonant potential.

    Paideia is preparation for a full life—-teaching all students to Think, Discuss, and Act in ways that will help them thrive in the volatile world of the 21st century.