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Coach Phil Savitz's Farewell Season!

Breaking News: Coach Phil Savitz’s Farewell Season!

With mixed emotions, we announce the retirement of our beloved Men’s Soccer Head Coach, Phil Savitz, after an incredible 44-year career. Coach Savitz, with a record-breaking 800 victories, has been the heart of our soccer program for 11 years at River Bluff and 33 years at Irmo High School.

This season marks Coach Savitz’s farewell journey, a celebration of his unparalleled achievements and lasting impact on our soccer legacy. From numerous regional and state championships to 15 state titles, Coach Savitz’s influence goes beyond the field, shaping the lives of student-athletes and leaving an indelible mark on our community.

Join us in honoring Coach Savitz’s remarkable career and expressing gratitude for his dedication to excellence. Let’s make this season one to remember! ⚽👏 #FarewellSeason #SoccerLegend #inspirethebluff2024