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Get Your Parking Pass

If you are driving to school and parking on campus, you need to purchase a parking pass even if your parents paid online. Please come to A201 to get a parking application. The cost of a parking pass is $5.00. The parking pass should be hung on your rearview mirror. 


Students are also required to take the "Alive at 25" safety training course in order to obtain a parking pass. Please visit for more information and to complete this class. 


  • You cannot use parking passes from previous years.
  • You must park in the correct lot for your grade. 
  • Don't park in faculty/staff parking
  • When you arrive at school you should come into the building, Do not sit in your car.
  • You are not to be in any parking lot during the school day, unless you are arriving or leaving school.
  • If you are a LOOLA student, you are not to be on school grounds during the regular school hours unless you have been given permission by a faculty member.
Anyone parking on campus without a current  parking pass or parking in the wrong parking lot, will be written up.