RCE Exterior

Elementary School (K-5)

  • Rocky Creek Elementary School is committed to developing young students into the leaders of tomorrow. Leading by example, the staff at Rocky Creek Elementary School is seeking to show students how to enjoy the pursuit of education and embrace responsibility in their learning.


Vision, Mission, Values and Motto

  • Vision:

    Rocky Creek Rangers are self-directed learners, caring citizens, and positive world-changers.


    In collaboration with our families and community, Rocky Creek Elementary provides an exceptional educational experience for all.

    We value:

    Children first;

    Safety and Well-being;

    Kindness and Compassion;

    High Expectations;

    Collaboration and Critical Thinking;

    Resilience and Perseverance;

    Creativity and Communication;

    Every child’s ability to learn.


    Ready to learn.

    Celebrate each other!

    Exemplify kindness, and

    Stay safe!