• Central ServicesLexington County School District One believes in the importance in working as one with the community to shape the lives of our children. With a district as large as ours, this becomes imperative.

    As one of the fastest-growing districts in South Carolina, we invite visitors who are looking to move into the area to conduct research to learn more about our community. We love the opportunity to show others how our district is preparing young people to be leaders and citizens in our society.

    Because we are funded through taxpayer dollars, we encourage all residents of our district to provide feedback on how Lexington One can continue to advance in educating our students, whether they have students enrolled in our schools or not.

    If you live in the area but do not have children enrolled in our schools or are thinking of moving to the area, we invite you to contact our district with feedback and suggestions or attend our school board meetings, held regularly throughout the year. By garnering a diverse set of opinions, visitors help us in creating curriculum that bolsters creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.