• Student Services team meetingStudent Services focuses on the overall development of Lexington County School District One students.

    The Student Services staff manages enrollments, school choice, and zoning to ensure that schools are appropriately sized to maximize learning, and that students are in learning environments that best meet their emotional and physical need as well as their intellectual, cultural, and social development.

    Student Services coordinates school nurses and student health to prevent and minimize illnesses that can impact the learning process.

    In the event of improper student behavior, Student Services conducts expulsion hearings and works with school administrators and parents to appropriately address actions warranting expulsion.

    Students Services also oversees transportation needs for Lexington District One. The team regularly plans and reviews the district’s bus routes to provide safe transportation for students.

    With Lexington District One bus drivers traveling more than 14,000 miles a day, facilities staff plan and adjust routes to ensure efficiency and safety for students.