Guidelines for Participation in School Board Meetings

  • The Lexington County School District One Board of Trustees solicits the advice and counsel of its citizens. However, you must be a parent/legal guardian of a student in Lexington County School District One or a taxpayer residing in the district to participate.

    To encourage this participation, the board provides a 15 minute public participation period at each of its regular monthly board meetings. The board established the following procedures for individuals interested in addressing the board:

    • An individual may address the board for up to three minutes.
    • Complete the “I would like to address the Lexington County School District One Board” card available at the meetings and drop it into the box located outside the Auditorium.
    • The board chair will recognize each person by name.
    • Speakers may offer comments on agenda items or on school operations, or programs, or other matters of concern to them. However, individuals may not speak about any one individual whether student or teacher. (There are other ways to bring those situations to the board’s attention. Contact the superintendent or the board chair for details.)
    • Speakers should not expect the board to reply to the speakers’ remarks during Citizens’ Participation. The board may elect to discuss the matter. However, the board will not take action during the meeting in response to questions raised during Citizens’ Participation.



    Upper level students of Lexington County School District One are encouraged to attend board meetings as part of their curriculum. While we look forward to seeing our students at these meetings, it is important to follow the Rules of Decorum listed below.

    • A board meeting is a formal meeting. Please dress appropriately. Business or church attire is appropriate.
    • Arrive and get seated 15 minutes before the meeting begins.
    • Upon arrival, sign in and pick up a copy of the agenda and other materials provided at the door.
    • Observe proper decorum by demonstrating quiet and dignified behavior at all times.
    • Show respect for the speakers even if you disagree with them.
    • Remain for the full duration of the meeting. (If you only came to receive an award or recognition, the board chair will allow you to leave after the Honors and Achievements portion of the meeting finishes.)
    • Devote full attention to the speaker. (No text messaging, sleeping, visiting with neighbors, or public displays of affection.)
    • Sit toward the front of the auditorium.
    • Do not talk during the meeting. Your private conversations make it difficult for others to hear the proceedings and cause a distraction.
    • Silence or mute the sound emitted from all electronic devices in your possession (including but not limited to cellular telephones, pagers, radios, personal data assistants, and hand-held or portable computers)
    • There must be no outbursts. This includes commenting, whooping, shouting, booing, heckling, stomping feet, or other inappropriate and/or disruptive behavior.
    • Board members are available at the end of the meeting. At that time, they will sign a copy of the meeting agenda (provided at sign-in) to verify you attended.

    The Lexington County School District One Board of Trustees meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. During the months of September, October, April, May and June, the Board of Trustees holds an additional meeting the first Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m.