• classroomIn Lexington County School District One, we are continually looking for forward-thinking employees who can help advance our schools. Whether you are a teacher, administrator, accountant, nurse, or something else, we need prospective employees from many career backgrounds to keep our district working as one.

    Our employees are the backbone of our district, which is why we need exceptional candidates from various backgrounds to enhance learning in our schools. This diversity broadens our students’ experiences and illustrates to them how we must work as one to be successful in the 21st century.

    For those who have a passion to teach but have previously worked in another industry, the PACE program provides an opportunity to earn your teaching certificate while gaining classroom experience.

    Skilled prospective employees, such as nurses, nutritionists, and custodians can also apply through our online employment site.

    Prospective employees are encouraged to browse our employment opportunities and apply online.