Lexington District One Networked Community

  • The Lexington District One Networked Community (L1NC) is dedicated to “Empowering each child to design the future” by investing in a K-to-Career system which develops workforce-ready graduates. 

    In Lexington County School District One, we must partner with our businesses and industries, community organizations and institutions of higher education to create a learning community that best prepares students for success. 

    Through L1NC, our school district will:

    • develop multi-faceted and multi-entity collaborative partnerships to provide innovative educational experiences throughout our learning community. 
    • design a seamless K-to-Career network that reduces barriers to success and promotes opportunities for each student. 
    • create connections for students and educators with business and industry partners, community organizations and institutions of higher education to develop authentic learning experiences and career pathways for each student. 
    • inform students and families of the variety of careers in our local, state and global community by connecting them to business and industry partners. 
    • cultivate and engage current and future partners to create a talent pipeline of educated, qualified candidates who stand ready to meet the changing needs of our community.

    Lexington District One values the support of our community partners who offer activities, services and enrichment opportunities to our students — this support aids in our vision of “Empowering each child to design the future.” 

    The many ways our community partners can get linked into our district include volunteering in our schools, joining an advisory council, offering a specific service, and/or donating time or resources to a school or the district. Together, with the help of our community partners, Lexington District One is committed to creating the workforce of tomorrow and building a better community in Lexington County.

    Get involved today by linking in to L1NC.