• Lexington County School District One is committed to providing opportunities for students in the Visual and Performing Arts. Our programs provide learning experiences that support student achievement, success, and social and emotional development.

    Aligning with the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate, our programs are centered around the artistic processes of creating, producing, performing, presenting, responding, and connecting. Arts enable learners to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as reflect on their work and the work of others. Through collaborative experiences, learners acquire skills necessary to communicate effectively as part of a team. Learning in the arts through history and culture broadens global perspectives and through their personal experiences, students learn self discipline and dedication.

    Our South Carolina College and Career Ready Standards for Visual and Performing Arts motivate learning by showing how to set achievable goals, self-assess, and progress. Click here to learn more about our Lexington County School District One Arts programs and achievements.

    We are fortunate to have talented and caring educators who facilitate learning for our students at all grade levels. Art exhibits, performances, and other activities planned by our staff are showcased in our schools, Performing Arts Centers, and throughout our incredibly supportive community.

    In partnership with our fellow Lexington County School District One content areas, we are committed to providing students with experiences of which they can grow to be lifelong learners.

    If you have any questions about the Visual and Performing Arts Standards or our programs, please contact: 

    Erin FitzGerald
    Coordinator of Academically and Artistically Gifted and Talented Programs